About Us

The Merritt Parkway Trail Alliance is a group of volunteers advocating for a proposed 38-mile multi-use public trail and greenway stretching from Greenwich to Stratford, CT. The trail would run through the woods within the 150-foot wide right-of-way owned by the Connecticut Department of Transportation on the south side (northbound) of the beautiful and iconic Merritt Parkway. A safe and wheelchair accessible paved trail for recreation and transportation to be enjoyed by families, runners, walkers, cyclists, cross country skiers, dog walkers, and nature lovers. The future Merritt Parkway Trail will provide a key missing link in the East Coast Greenway – a developing 3,000 mile trail system from Maine to Key West, Florida.

We are working to create the 1st mile of the trail in Stamford, CT. The Merritt Parkway Trail will: 

1) Improve quality of life and increase transportation and recreation options for its citizens

2) Increase property values of the homes and commercial buildings near the trail

3) Create tourist destinations and sources of economic development while building community

4) Enable users to enjoy the beauty of CT and the Merritt Parkway’s historic bridges and landscape,

5) Preserve green-space and reduce pollution and noise for future generations to come

Executive Committee

President – Jerry Silber

Vice President – Nancy Rosett

Treasurer – Robert Colgan

Press & Media – Casey Fitzpatrick

Community Outreach – Rebecca Goletz

Web Manager – Jack Beggs